Who we are

T3B is a dynamic team of experts, whose collective experience encompasses all facets of Retail and Online Sales, Distribution, Branding, Media Relations, Product Development, Manufacturing, and the cultivation of OEM relationships.

What we do

We engage our experienced team to remove the complications related to the selling and marketing of commercial goods so that our tenants can focus on what they do best. 

Who can be a Tenant?

The ideal candidate for a T3B Tenant is a company that manufactures a best-in-class product but has difficulty building a brand and successfully bringing that product to market.

How we do it

Once a tenant is integrated into the T3B family of brands, our team gets engaged in building a foundation for a full-faceted sales machine. Although integrated, the team workflow is divided into Sales and Marketing. The sales team engages in identifying optimal pathways which may include online sales, big-box retailers, small retailers, and the potential for distribution channels. The marketing team focuses on brand building, which could be small tweaks to brand assets or a complete overhaul of websites, packaging, social media, and visual assets, up to full National advertising and PR Campaigns.

Once the brand foundations are set and the sales pathways are established, then our team focuses on the one thing that matters most and that is increasing your bottom line through all viable sales channels.